Doing the Rounds with the Labrador Security Co.

The pups haven’t had a mention for the past few posts so I thought I’d better post a few photos for those of you who like to see the odious little beasts.  Here are the two enforcers of the Labrador Security Co. on their rounds of the local fields and bog.  We’re running out of space as the adjacent housing estate expands…this is the last local bastion of the  dog walkers.  When this goes…who knows where we’ll end up.  This is where my old, leaky boots…leak, on a twice daily basis.  I can’t help but feel this is not good for my feet.  The thugs don’t seem to mind the wet, although Lottie studiously avoids putting her paws in puddles…a procedure I would no doubt be wise to adopt.  The reeds are the big attraction and where most of the chase action happens.  Mabel can hold her own here, crashing through the undergrowth, but her bulk proves a hindrance in the open fields where little Lottie’s dainty frame means she can easily outmanoeuvre her.

Click on the first photo to bring up the photo carousel and the captions.


8 thoughts on “Doing the Rounds with the Labrador Security Co.

    • “Cute!”
      Today I was subjected to an hour of the utmost physical brutality…as my masseur attempted to rid my leg muscles of every bump, knot and slightest vestige of tightness…all courtesy of those two wee…wee…wee…doggies.

      I suspect there will be another session or two of that before long…oh joy!

      The stare-offs are fun. I get involved and start whistling the extract from “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”. I’m “The Good” btw, just before the comments start coming in.

  1. They’re a grand pair of young ladies….if you don’t weaken.
    We have recently been given a pernicious poodle puppy to add to our collection of layabouts and old lags….it stares itself out in the wardrobe mirror…girds its loins and attacks.
    Then it goes back to staring again…

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