Never Again!

As the blogging transition continues from the heady mountain days of early “Where The Fatdog Walks” to the more laid back domain of “Reservoir Dugz”, I’m enjoying taking a look back at some of the more “interesting” moments captured in the posts of the original blog.  These are generally moments I have no intention of ever repeating!

I mean, who in their right mind would consider that lifting a 35kg Labrador up a very steep boulderfield on the north face of the Munro, Am Bodach, in the Mamores range (north of Glencoe) to be a jolly good idea.  But that’s exactly what we did in he Autumn of 2007.

The process proved to be (at best) cumbersome and at worst…suicidal.  Cap’n Jack would stand on the uphill rock while I heaved Maisie up to land at his feet.  He would then carry out a remarkable balancing act to steady them both while The Fatdog wriggled in self destruct mode.  I would move upwards – and we would repeat the operation, continuing our snail-like progression up the mountain.

On reflection, it was not one of the better decisions made that day and within 20 minutes had tired me to the point of exhaustion.  By this time Cap’n Jack and I had lifted Maisie over the worst of the treacherous terrain and while I sat on a large rock trying to recover, the pair scouted out a route up the remainder of the climb that would tire me the least.  In the photographs below you will see swathes of green; they look like grass; they are not grass.  I hoped they might be grass.  Instead we found thick moss covering more boulders and scree, some of it a bit too loose for comfort.

Why, you might well ask, did we find ourselves in that position rather than take the very steep path near the very close edge of the very long drop.  For the answer to that question…you’ll have to ask Cap’n Jack.


10 thoughts on “Never Again!

    • Problems? Naw…you were well in control of the situation. You probably realised long before me about that wee problem. I merely stumbled upon the menu to change the address. 😀

  1. It really it is about as bad as he makes out!

    Ken, if you look to the right of CJ and Maisie in the second photo you can actually see the, faint, by-pass path which is on the map and which your pair of navigators have just completely missed.

  2. I remember making a harness out of a sling, and hauling a rather large Boxer up the side of Tilberthwaite Gill – passing her from one to the other all the way to the top. The absolute faith our doggies have in us………..

    • Insanity appears to be one of the main attributes required in a hillwalker, Chrissie. 😆

      Maisie was passed up and down on quite a number of walks as I recall…and when there was only me…a balancing act was required. I’m sure a photo will appear in the next week or so once I delve into the archive. 😀

  3. Big mountains them Mamores. Have to say I’d already reached the “why the hell didn’t you stick to the ridge” before you mentioned. Of course I’ve never made a route finding error in the mountains. Oh no!

    • That was our first visit to the Mamores (of 5, all in all – I think). Most of our “route finding errors” were on the way down when we opted for “shortcuts”…then generally had to do a bit of problem solving eg how to cross rivers without bridges etc.

      • Fallen in the river by the Steall Falls, hanging from trees trying descend directly by the side of the falls, a shortcut through astonishingly dense forest on on the last one to name just a few Mamore mess ups of mine

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