A Home on the Rolling Sea – a new series of posts.

There’s a new tab on the menu bar A Home on the Rolling Sea. 

This will hold a series of short posts taking a peek at the somewhat bizarre vacation extravaganza that is the cruise holiday.  Although there will be the occasional description of places we’ve visited (because I have lots and lots of photos) this is not intended to be a travelogue; there are far more informed sites to supply that sort of information.  No, this section of the blog will tend to focus on the more unusual aspects of a holiday spent mainly at sea.  Needless to say the posts will offer my interpretation of situations and events – which, as you well know by now, may not be based entirely on reality.

We came late to the idea of the cruise holiday, having for years pooh-poohed the idea of spending our summer break crammed into a boat with a couple of thousand other lost souls.  I do recall, with a sense of wide eyed horror, our first thoughts as we stepped onto first cruise ship.

“What in the name of the ‘wee man’ have we done!”

Two cruises later we’re coming around to the idea that it might not be quite as horrific as we had imagined.

That’s not saying it can’t be…


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