An Autumn Stroll through Atholl Estates

No great story to this trip I’m afraid, just a few photos taken on a stroll around the part of Atholl Estates lying just north of Dunkeld.  Cap’n Jack and I dragged the pups along the old scenic trails to little Loch Ordie, nestled in the rolling Perthshire uplands.   Tucked in a sheltered lochside cove a derelict hunting lodge, surrounded by what appears to have been cultivated gardens, is a veritable oasis after the trail through brown-bracken covered hills.  The biggest surprise of the day came in the form of a herd of black cattle marching down the track towards us.  We gave them the respect they deserved and legged it into the middle of the nearest bog to let them past!

I’ve included a photo from the 1867 print run.  It shows the tracks around the loch present at that date!  There are more photos on a very good looking page on FLICKR


6 thoughts on “An Autumn Stroll through Atholl Estates

    • Funny you should mention the EU…came across a sign part way round with the EU logo on it.

      I find the use of miles strange having worked in engineering. The design of roads and no doubt other civil engineering projects has been in metric since (I think) the 1970’s. It seems weird that the only time we use old imperial units is on speedometers in cars and on road signs. Having miles on a sign for walkers is not very bright…given that maps are metric!

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