Ben Ledi – From The Outside Looking In

When writing about our adventure on Ben Ledi it struck me that most stories of this nature are generally accompanied by photographs taken on the hill as the ascent progresses.  As a result anyone reading who has not seen the hill in question might have no idea what it looks like from a distance.

"Don't know about you...but I'm getting a very bad feeling about this."

“Don’t know about you…but I’m getting a very bad feeling about this.”

In the process of looking for a decent snapshot I discovered I had quite a few photos of Ben Ledi taken from nearby hills.  It would seem that Maisie and i had been quite busy over the years as regards the number of hills we’d managed to bag!  Here are just a few to let you see what Ben Ledi actually looks like – from the outside looking in…as it were.

Reminder:  Click on the first photo below to open the carousel.  There are captions for all the photos.


4 thoughts on “Ben Ledi – From The Outside Looking In

    • When you have as many photos as I do…it becomes a challenge to find different ways of using them. I hope to do more themed galleries as this new blog layout lends itself to that style. Bit of a bugger for those working from smart phones I expect – God knows what they see? 😆

      The Benvane ridge is well known for its sogginess. I’ve never known anyone who was desperate enough to walk it a second time! Best in hard frost I would guess.

    • It is likely there will be more than one “must-miss” gallery coming up where I will complain (at great length no doubt) of the shortcomings of the various locations. Maybe we can get #must-miss trending on twitter. At the minute I think it only refers, specifically, to this blog. 😦 😆

      Mhor Bread is part of the Tom Lewis empire. The owner/chef of the rather nice Monachyle Mhor hotel near Balquidder seems to own half of Callander. He took part in the early years of The Great British Menu tv show.

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