Monday’s Ill-timed expedition to Touchadam Muir (west of Stirling) was…disappointing.  The walk up forest track is at best boring and on this occasion was…disappointing (and boring).  Once out the forest and on the higher reaches of the Muir the views down the Forth Valley and along the Ochil Hills are superb, today they were…disappointing.  In fact they weren’t just disappointing, they were, thanks to the low cloud and drizzle, bloody invisible!

However the pups were visible – and thoroughly enjoying their afternoon amble.  Now 14 months (Mabel) and 12 months (Lottie) the thugs are ready to begin their next phase of dog walking with the occasional longer trek thrown into their daily routine.  They’re a long way off the 20-30km treks I used to do with Maisie but on the other hand…so am I.  I know…it’s disappointing.


10 thoughts on “Disappointing…

    • Some of the distances were approximate…based on time. Take for example our walks…maybe not the best choice…time being distorted by the hours lost through your lace tying. 😉

    • I have to concur. Had a similar experience today on…wait for it…Ben Ledi! 😀

      Yep…much to my surprise – and having survived 2 circuit training classes – confidence was high. Legs made it…just. Coming down wasn’t great, but I never thought it would be.

    • I much prefer the colder weather for walking. It’s unseasonably warm here at the minute which makes deciding what to wear a nightmare. Boiled on a wee excursion we had yesterday. 😆 had on full winter kit for the top of the hill and as we came off the temperature rose. Urggh.

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