A Look Back at Autumns Past

The absence of “big days out” is becoming an inconvenience as far as blogging is concerned.  I could show you the fields where I walk the “thugs”…if you really insist…but you would be severely disappointed.  Scenic they are not – unless you like the backdrop of a three lane motorway in your photographs.

Then it struck me.  I have literally thousands of photographs of our travels taken over the past 7 years wasting quietly away in the depths of the hard drive.   To prevent the “…and here’s another one of…” I thought I would, from time to time, dish out a little sampler of what has gone before.  You never know, you might even like them.

Here’s a snapshot of autumns past.


7 thoughts on “A Look Back at Autumns Past

  1. I have to admit that the rush of posts is me trying out this new blog theme to see what it can do, the gallery being one of the features I wanted a peek at. I really like the way it displays the photos. In fact I’m really impressed with the theme in general. It does look its best on a PC with 3 columns.

    There will be more galleries to come, looking back at our travels over the years. The idea is not to repeat what went before but to look at those adventures in a different way by eg taking a theme like “why on earth did we take THAT route!?”

  2. Cracking photos there Ken, like Chrissie I love looking back through my old photos. I have a whole load from my pre-blogging days that I may get round to putting up one day. Keep these historical ones coming….

    • Thanks Andy! I’ve a few ideas that will let me use some of the oldies without it turning into “When I was a lad…”. Mind you that hardly applies to me, having started hillwalking at age 52 😆 .

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