A Home on the Rolling Sea – Part 1

It’s been a couple of months since our summer hols but I thought I might brighten up your day by giving you a brief taste of our travels.  In August we incarcerated the pups in the local care home for wayward canines and opted for a wee P&O cruise from Southampton down to Malaga in southern Spain in the hope of finding a few days sunshine before J headed back to the slog of school.

Here are a few inspirational images from our trip…

An overnight stop on the way down from Scotland at The Hardwick pub just outside Abergavenny.



A whistlestop tour of scenic Lisbon

A city of stunning architecture

A city of stunning architecture…and fried fish. Lots and lots of fried fish!

Whitewashed Cadiz

Cadiz - Once raided by Francis Drake...now raided by hungry tapas seekers.

Cadiz – Once raided by Francis Drake…now raided by hungry tapas seekers.

Galicia – A Corunna.

A Corunna -  the Armada's last port of call before being sunk.

A Corunna – the Armada’s last port of call before being sunk.

Also famous for Deportivo...its football team.

Also famous for Deportivo…its football team.


Not the picturesque Iberia you were expecting?

Not to worry…I’m now (at long last) able to access my PC on a regular basis, the pups calm enough to be allowed upstairs to join me in the “study”.  Fingers crossed it’s back to the blogosphere on a more regular basis.  You never know, Part 2 may hold something more…scenic.  😉

And, to round things off majestic Gibraltar.

The ones that got away...dammit!

Oh goody…supper.


6 thoughts on “A Home on the Rolling Sea – Part 1

    • Well worth the visit Andy. The owner used to run michelin star restaurants in London but gave that world up for creating decent pub food in a more relaxed environment. We’ve been there 3 times…all great. Met him a couple of times in the car park, the visit before last he was telling me he trained with Nick Nairn at the michelin starred Braeval near Aberfoyle (long gone). Once had Nick clear snow for me after a visit to his cook school. We were staying at a chalet owned by his sister when snow arrived overnight. As Nick owned the house his sis told him to get a finger out and get the drive cleared so her clients could leave. We waved graciously as we passed. 😀

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