There’s no Substitute for Style…Sadly

I thought I should include an up to date image of yours truly on the blog, an image which spoke more of how I would like to be considered in the mind of the reader.  Let’s face it the hillwalking image of recent years might be considered a trifle “common” if not “scruffy” to those visitors of a more “sensitive nature”.

So, ever aware of public opinion I have included, in the left hand margin, a recent photograph to assure readers that they are subscribing to a production of undoubted quality.

On the other hand, me being me, I rather liked this one.



10 thoughts on “There’s no Substitute for Style…Sadly

    • I must ask my nephew for a recommendation. At least 2″ taller, nearly 40 years younger and a damn sight fitter. Much to the surprise of his parents he announced the details of his new part time job. Made a huge success of his time as a bouncer and now, having completed his Sports Science degree, is setting himself up as a personal trainer. Is in the Scotland Lacrosse squad as well. Busy little soul, he is.

  1. If you ever consider re-entering the employment market you should be a shoo in at any posh restaurant in need of waiting staff. Which wasn’t too fussy about the level of customer service.

    I am assuming that J didn’t let you out of the house unaccompanied looking like that?

  2. Actually, you appear quite comfortable, relaxed, with much savor-faire. I’d be interested to know how Miss Blonde and Miss Pink reacted.
    Did they sit at attention or turn away in disgust, or…..?

    • The Thugs were “in care” when the photo was taken…on the ship.

      They would not have been over-concerned at the appearance of the dinner suit…only how good it tasted! 😀

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