Stitching up Scotland

Once again “Hello!” to all those of you who have sat religiously at their computers, never moving, just waiting for another blog post to appear.  Your patience is greatly appreciated although I would have granted a toilet break had you asked.  Two months is rather a long time to go without a “visit”.

Since the last post life has rolled on somewhat aimlessly with the pups dictating our every move.  I had forgotten how restrictive it can be with young dogs.  Suddenly you realise that you can’t do half the things you were used to doing with an older beast in tow…never mind that fact that you have two of the “little” sods creating large scale havoc at the same time.

However, the September holiday weekend arrived and J and I opted to put the pups into care (sadly only for the day) and head off to Edinburgh to see the newly displayed National Tapestry of Scotland in its current setting at the Scottish Parliament buildings in Edinburgh.  It’s definitely worth a visit but be warned, the pace around the display is governed by an extensive range of zimmers, sticks and mobile contraptions of varying shapes and sizes.  How such an armory escaped the clutches of the ever alert security machinery at the entrance is a mystery.  Having had to remove my belt to go through the scanner (which always pisses me off) I reckon the less mobile community sailed through with their vast array of potential ordnance without so much as a glance.

The Parliament entrance - or at least the way in for the peasants.

The Parliament entrance – or at least the way in for the peasants.

For those of you with a shaky grasp on the basic facts of Scottish history this is a “must see” with the individual tapestry panels depicting scenes, people and events from Scotland’s geological origins through to the present day.  Given my woeful lack of experience in the sewing department I feel unable to comment on the quality of the stitching – but J says it’s very good indeed and in some cases fantastic.  I noted lots of pretty colours.

A selection of panels

A selection of panels…and demographic

James Watt

James Watt

Old style geology

Old style geology

My ancestors...on my father's side of the family.

My ancestors…on my father’s side of the family.

My daily read.

My daily read.

From where the Scots derive their taste for the odd curry.

From where the Scots derive their taste for the odd curry.

Even good old Sir Hugh is included.  Is the rope around his waist for use on the "In-Pinn" that he never climbed?

Even good old Sir Hugh is included. Is the rope around his waist for use on the “In-Pinn” that he never climbed?

Needless to say my progress around the display was a good deal quicker than J’s so I sneaked off to the Parliament’s gift shop for a quick browse.  I mean, what can you possibly sell in a Parliament gift shop?  Lockets with a snipping of the Presiding Officer’s hair ensconced within?  An inflatable Alex Salmond?  No, possibly not the latter – I believe they use them within the chamber for First Minister’s Question Time.  So what do they sell?  Well, they sell…chocolates!  Yes…they sell chocolates and other confectionary as well as mugs, tea-towels etc.  How original.  Maybe they should be given greater tax raising powers as opposed to being reduced to operating a hawker’s bazaar in an attempt to raise money.

Says it all.

Says it all.

The next port of call was the National Museum of Scotland in Chamber St., once our regular freebie Sunday jaunt with a very young Cap’n Jack and The Bleating Sheep.  Much has changed in the past 20 years but although there have been massive changes to the building since, the view from the old top gallery still captures the essence of the Victorian Era and its sense of discovery.

The Main Gallery

The Main Gallery

But were we here for a cultural top up…nope!

Were we here for the stunning rooftop views and the rather out of place Goldsworthy installation…nope!

The view from the museum roof terrace

The view from the museum roof terrace

A rather out of place and uninspiring Goldsworhty "sculpture"

A rather out of place and uninspiring Goldsworhty “sculpture”

So what were we here for?

That’s right!




That's more like it!

That’s more like it!

Faced with the prospect of a fairly substantial afternoon tea my arteries broke into a somewhat unconvincing rendition of “We’ll meet again…” before bracing themselves for the inevitable carb, fat and sugar overload!

Having demolished the entire death defying sequence we waddled out of the museum heading back to the car.  My mobile suddenly broke into life.

“Hello…Mr. Brown?  Kennels here.”

“Don’t like to bother you but do Lottie and Mabel have a command for Please Regurgitate the Chihuahua?”   



12 thoughts on “Stitching up Scotland

  1. My goodness! If you scoffed that lot between the pair of you you should both be as fat as corn fed piglets.

    And does this mean that I can go to the toilet now?

  2. Is that crab in that sandwich….?

    And do they do a proper high tea?

    Affirmative to both and I’ll be taking advantage of iberia’s current promotion…and I’ll extract the chihauhau as an encore.

    • Sadly not the traditional main course followed by cakes so beloved of Scottish 1960’s “restaurants”. Strictly posh afternoon tea with the tea coming in individual glass teapots.

      The absence of crab in the sandwich only confirms that we will not be treated to your most splendid chihuahua extraction…something I was looking forward to most eagerly. By way of a bribe – there will be a couple of Iberian posts coming up so we may yet see this amazing feat…supposing said chihuahua hasn’t been digested by then.

    • No chance of a choccy dog, Chrissie. 😆

      I don’t think I could survive another one! I’m hobbling by the end of the day as it is. Another beastie and it would be out with the zimmer. 😯

    • None of your cheapie tea cakes in the Tower Restaurant…oh no!

      This was proper afternoon tea complete with what I suspect were a sprinkling of Scotland’s clan chiefs (there was a gathering Edinburgh that day) in appropriate clan chief attire and Morningside’s finest. 😀

  3. The long breaks between postings are quite agreeable to me… seems I’m again wishing I had 48-hour days. I really understand what I used to hear from other retirees about being busier in retirement than when working. Amen! And before you comment regarding my “boyfriend” …. he’s not the reason. Ambivalent I am…. and it’s a new twist in my ever-changing evolvement into adulthood…. am closing in on 80, the new 18! As usual, your photography is outstanding, and your messages always a challenge, filled with humor.

  4. Thanks Florene :D. Photography courtesy of my Samsung Galaxy mobile phone. Not bad given its limitations. You didn’t get to see the zoomed ones – terrible they were. 😆

    As if I would ever make comment regarding you and your boyfriend 😉 I’m sure he has nothing whatsoever to do with your packed social calendar. 😆

    Good on you for resisting the conversion into adulthood. I,personally, am determined to continue my Never-Never Land existence for as long as possible!

    • Hopefully back, Andy. Still having trouble writing but think the corner has now been turned. Unfortunately it would appear that it won’t be possible to do the big hillwalks on which the FBC based its output so I’ve had to wait until that got out of my system before settling to a new course of action. I thought needlework was probably the best place to start 😀

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