To sleep: perchance to dream: aye right!


Hmm…sorry, dozed off a bit there…hope you don’t mind.  Just had a terrible nightmare. 

I was dreaming that, after the last post which featured the Falkirk Wheel and beyond, the pups suddenly put on lots of weight and began to lunge at everyone they met when we were out for walks.  I also dreamt of pain – whole worlds of pain – as prodding hands grabbed and hauled at the muscles in my right leg.  Faintly I remember my lower back being subjected  to similar treatment.  Oh yes…and at some point there was a woman in a white coat telling me to keep taking the big pink tablets and shaking her head when I mentioned the word – scan.

Worst of all, because of my now my sciatic right ankle, I was struggling to walk any distance and was trapped with two small hairy demons in a big bubble only a few miles across centred on our house.  I did escape once, as far as Aberfoyle, but even there the demons found me and dragged me back.


Demons! Everywhere I look…demons!

Never mind…thank goodness it was only a dream.

Now, what will we do for the rest of April?

What do you mean it’s July.






12 thoughts on “To sleep: perchance to dream: aye right!

    • Hi Chrissie 😀 Thankfully we’re just about at the stage where the pups are nearing “fit for purpose” and as long the restoration work done by my physio holds up then a few moderate walks may be possible – although a return to the mountains has a very big question mark against it. I needed a break from the blogging scene anyway.

      I’ll be popping in to see what everyone has been up to over the next few weeks now that J is on holiday (which means I have a lot more access to the upstairs PC) and there is someone else to puppysit of an evening.

        • Good for her! 😆 . Sadly my pair of degenerates would probably eat said stuff before it made it as far as the car. 😦 They’ve progressed from eating sticks to eating horse poo – and now both delicacies have been abandoned in favour of poo (type unspecified). Things can only get better.

    • Hi Andy 😀 The pups and I are just coming to terms with each other, our respective abilities…and limitations! Their sudden growing spurt combined with their puppy exuberance created mayhem with my sciatica so it’s been hard going the past few months. Now that they have calmed (a bit) I reckon we’re now about ready to start spreading our wings.

  1. Look on the bright side – it leaves you lots of time for scone making. Feel free to send any excess south of the border as food aid. It goes against the grain to praise any Scottish foodstuff, but yours are very superior.

    • Thank you for the compliment Mr.P 😀 This suggests you are thinking of dropping in again sometime soon and are requiring sustenance of the treacle scone variety (or was it fruit?) When can I expect you? …wait there’s the sound of a 2 seater BMW just pulling into the drive. 😆

      Weather is promising for next week and I am contemplating a foray into the hills with Mabel. Don’t know if the right leg will take uphill though…it starts going sort of pins and needles when I use it as the supporting leg. Might result in the shortest ascent attempt ever!

  2. I’m glad that you’ve surfaced again with the unholy duo but very sorry indeed to hear of the pain you’ve been having.

    Couldn’t you train them to carry a sort of sedan chair for you?

    • Thanks Tessa 😀 Looking at a Sunday walk but I keep scaling down my aspirations. Started by looking at very easy Munros…then my leg began to ache…I then had second thoughts…might be twice around the local Tesco car park by the time Sunday comes. 😆

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