La Famiglia


Here’s a wee punt for a restaurant J and I had lunch in yesterday – La Famiglia in Kelvinside, Glasgow.  Modern Italian cooking with a 3 course lunch menu at £13 a head.  Great cooking – well worth a visit.

Here’s a link to the website.

La Famiglia



4 thoughts on “La Famiglia

  1. Hey…. I’m behind the curve on your recent postings! Maybe tomorrow I can read the recent ones in “one swell foop” (spellcheck gave me fits on the last word).

    • You can “foop” all you like on this blog Florene 😆

      In fact I suspect there has been a whole lot of “fooping” going on in the past few hours. I’ve noticed a few “likes” appearing from random bloggers – I reckon some pages must be getting syndicated somewhere and a few are pressing the “like” button to attract attention to their own blog. I say this because the bloggers in question aren’t local and are “liking” a post that says very briefly – “I like this restaurant in Glasgow”. You would think the eejits would be a bit more clever and “like” a page with some actual content! 😆

      Anyway…I shall look forward to your “fooping” over the next few days. 😀

  2. When I clicked on that I was expecting a detailed discourse on labrador genealogy, going back at least to the 1900’s.
    Still. Do they do a good calzone?

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