The “Tinto” Gallery

Myself, Cap’n Jack, Miss Blonde and (the very colourblind) Miss Pink tackled the rather easy Tinto (hill) just south of Lanark.  The original idea was that The Labrador Security Co. would guard The Tank while myself and Cap’n Jack took to the hill.  Threats were made…and so all four of us headed for the summit, with nobody guarding the vehicle.  Needless to say the trip had its moments…especially where our “protection” couldn’t agree on who was protecting whom.  The disagreements degenerated into the usual tumbling, snapping, farce.


6 thoughts on “The “Tinto” Gallery

    • Oh, we can post a veritable plethora of photos of our two thugs “playing”. Plenty of in-fighting going on here. Soon as something bigger comes along it’s roll over onto back and appear as harmless as possible. 😀

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