Welcome to Reservoir Dugz!

Someone once made the mistake of uttering the fateful words;

“What beautiful puppies!”

Her body has never been found.  Miss Blonde and (the very colour-blind) Miss Pink take their image very seriously.

I did warn her that they were out-and-out thugs, the sort that don’t hesitate to “convince” other puppies to hand over their treats.  Did she listen?

For clarity’s sake, and to avoid any unfortunate unpleasantness at a later date, I had better explain that the blog title has nothing whatsoever to do with large bodies of water constructed for the purposes of providing water for human consumption.  The nod to the Quentin Tarantino film in the title is to serve you a warning.  These are not puppies to be trifled with.  These are desperate creatures whose “puppy play” is merely a cover for much darker things…

Welcome to the dark underbelly of the puppy world.  Welcome to Reservoir Dugz.


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